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Nov 25, 2013

Bowling Space U8 Tutup

Hai semua.Baru petang ada masa nak jengah blog.hihihi..Semalam Cik Nur jenjalan ngan kawan Cik Nur, Izan. Teman dia uruskan sedikit hal kerja dia.Lepas settle je hal kerja dia tue,kitaorang berdua dah tak tahu nak kemana.Fikir punya fikir,last-last kitaorang berdua pun decide la nak join adik Izan dan kawannya. Keluar ramai-ramai lagi best kan.Cadangnya,diaorang nak main bowling. Pergi la ke Space U8.Sampai je kat sana,kitaorang berempat pandang sama sendiri.Bowling kat situ tutup.Laa dah kenapa tetiba tutup.Hari tue jalan-jalan kat situ nampak bowling tue ada lagi.

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Bincang punya bincang kitaorang buat keputusan main bowling di Mega Lanes,Plaza Alam Sentral.
Cik Nur ikut je diaorang.Lagipun Cik Nur tak main pun.Cik Nur tak pandai main bowling.Nak angkat bola bowling tue pun tak larat.huhuhu.Orang baling bola kedepan,kang tak pasal-pasal Cik Nur baling pergi ke belakang pula.Naya je..hihihi..Dapat tengok diaorang main pun dah kira seronok.

* Cik Nur baru tahu,rupa-rupanya bowling di Space U8 tue memang dah tutup.Baca nie :

To All Our Loyal Members/Customers,
It is with a heavy heart that the management of Shalin's would like to inform all of you that we have ceased operations at Space U8 Mall as of today.

We would like to thank everyone that has shown & given us tremendous support throughout our time there.

For those of you that have your equipment (if any) stored at our lockers/ball storage area/pro shop please collect your equipment as soon as possible.Please go to the Space U8 management office (9-5pm) & tell them that you are there to collect your bowling balls.We have requested the management to allow all our customers to pick up their equipment.

All Bookings until December will be cancelled.We will contact those that have made bookings & all deposits will be refunded.If we happen to miss you/your company please inbox us here & we will attend to you best we can.

If you have any further enquiries please do inbox us & we will attend to it.

Once again, we would like to thank each and everyone of you for all the support & love shown to us during our short stay here. WE Feel very Privileged to have served all of you & we do hope that you had an enjoyable time bowling here.We hope to see some of you again in the near future,Insyallah.

“There were times of hardship when people forget the courage they need to keep fighting; and survive. But I think as long as we have something to believe in; to keep close in our hearts, courage will never truly leave us. We only have to reach deep in our heart to find it.” 
― Sakura

Shalin Zulkifli & Team

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